I luhh Mr.Hendrix #lightrehearsal #excusemelookincray

And oldie but goodie. We remixed Raphael Saadiq-Still Ray

Guess which song I’m covering? If you didn’t go to school in the AUC, you probably won’t know.

Before Janelle Monae was signed to Bad Boy, she was singing all around CAU, Morehouse, and Spelman. All around ATL actually. And we loved her so. We could relate to her, her music, her voice. She was different. This was a song she put out loooooooong ago when she was doing more R&B Soul.

This is the full vid of me going over “Criminal”… I love this song!! I can’t wait to do the live version of this.

Well, why wait?! I’ll bring this up @ rehearsal this week!

So this week practicing at Amp, I went over some of my new songs for the first time, before I start to record them. It helps to see what parts I need to work on and of course, practice makes perfect!

This one is called “Ready, Set, Go” and it will be on my next project. It’s the slowest song I have.

So another week of practice. Criminal was the first song I ever professionally recorded!!! #ilovecriminals #allday #badboys #cantstayaway #amp

How Deep is your love? This is an original from my EP 😉😉😉😉 #imwearingthatdresstho

Mr.Magic. Take a token of my love. #amywinehouse #lightup #livemusic

🎧”You don’t have to lie to me/ You can cry to me/ You’re the only one I let see this side of me/ So give me your heart”🎶 and then I said okay boo 😍 #mackwilds #yallsleepin

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