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So I lost my Grandpa and I want to pay IG respect. If I ever kicked your a** in Dominoes over the past 20 years, you can blame this man, who taught me to play with the big boys since I was 5. Rest in Peace GP 💐 @ladeelofton

I would love your presence as I put on another great show at The House of Blues! Next Saturday @ 8:30 pm💋

Ayeee that hook goes tho #ibesinging #paramountstudio

How gangsters turn up at paramount studios #ibesinging #saymyname #threetimestho #gangstashxt #inmymind #fivehunnet #youngchill

Yes!!!!!!!!!! New songs, new show, another fun night as always!!!!! Tickets are only $10, support ya girl 😘 (link in the bio)

Just for fun! I don’t want to be a rapper! I just like freestyling with the big guys!

I luhh Mr.Hendrix #lightrehearsal #excusemelookincray

And oldie but goodie. We remixed Raphael Saadiq-Still Ray

Guess which song I’m covering? If you didn’t go to school in the AUC, you probably won’t know.

Before Janelle Monae was signed to Bad Boy, she was singing all around CAU, Morehouse, and Spelman. All around ATL actually. And we loved her so. We could relate to her, her music, her voice. She was different. This was a song she put out loooooooong ago when she was doing more R&B Soul.